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Expert Property is an online platform with Pakistan’s most distinctive properties. We invite our property owners, real estate agents and investors to browse our exclusive properties all over Pakistan.

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At Expert Property, every real estate professional can create his own company page like a business web site to simplify the process of home buying and selling by bringing the entire business online.

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Expert Property is a branded website for real estate agents that automatically generates lead of buyers and sellers and convert them into clients. Take your business to the next level with Expert Property.

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Expert Property is an online platform for real estate business in Pakistan offering wide range of services including buying and selling of homes, set up new business. It includes all processes that are required to run online real estate business like account maintenance in a simple way, property listings, keep record of your existing and prospective customers, review properties of affiliate members, share properties, offer and acceptance for finalization of business deal. We have introduced new features for real estate professionals to help them grow/add their business connections everywhere in Pakistan with real estate professionals and top tier groups, and also enable them to explore new markets for their products around the globe.

It is mainly designed to simplify home buying and selling process by connecting online buyers and sellers with real estate professional. Now advancement of technology takes place where internet has connected everyone together, allowing users to communicate with each other, make purchase online and obtained any information about products and services online without having to go to the physical location. At Expert Property, we are offering similar services to the real estate sector allowing users and property owners to have complete information about their product such as market data to compare before making final decision of sale and purchase of property along with combination of other facilities to improve home buying experience for our online customers.

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